CHEAP Make-up Brush Review!!

About three months ago, I made a purchase of the EmaxDesign 11 piece Make-up brush set here on Amazon. Currently, it is $13.99 but I got mine for $11.99. Either price, it’s still a VERY cheap make-up brush set. I came across this set while simply “window-shopping” on Amazon as one does. The cheap price and the suprisely good reviews are what led me to buying it. Here is what I thought about them:

*All pictures below come from the Amazon Listing from the smae link above*

brush set 2

  • The set comes with five “eye” brushes, six “face” brushes, an orange drawstring bag, and an instruction manual with picture and use for each brush
    • On the brushes as a whole, they come in the packaging with a very chemically smell, but it washes off after the initial wash. Other than that, they look and feel like pretty good quality
  • I will now discuss each brush individually.

brush set

*When describing each brush individually, I will list the brush name given by the manual but then I will actually describe how I used it because it often does not match with the brush name.

  1. Foundation Brush: I used this brush for blending/applying contour and highlight. It’s very soft and give a air-brush look.
  2. Big Eye Shadow Brush:This brush was mostly used for applying powder on top of my undereye concealer.
  3. High Light Brush: I used this brush for simply blending out eyeshadow when I’m done. Because it’s very soft(Maybe the softest in the set), its does a great job of blending and making sure my eyeshadow does not look harsh
  4. Eye Smudge Brush: This is one of the few brushes that my use actually matched the name, this brush is amazing!! It’s amazing for putting dark shadow on the outer corners of the eye. its pointed top also works great on applying shadow onto the bottom lid.
  5. Concealer Brush: I actually tried to use this as a concealer brush but its sucks since its too soft. Instead its slanted shape and semi-soft and dense brush work great as a nose contour brush.
  6. Eyebrow brush: I don’t do my eyebrows so couldn’t use this as an eyebrow brush. I tried to use it as a concealer brush but it sucked as well for that. With that, I still have not found good use for this brush. It may work as a good brush for applying gel liner but I don’t use gel liner as well.
  7. Small Eye Shadow Brush: This was my primary eyeshadow brush. It is both soft and dense and works great for patting eyeshadow on the eyelid.
  8. Blusher Brush: This brush is semi-dense and small making it a great blush brush. The small size gives you more control and makes sure the blush only gets where you want it.
  9. Multifunction Foundation Brush: After using on both liquid and powder foundation, this works better with powder but you can use it for both. I found that patting in the foundation into the skin first before buffing it all together.
  10. Multifunction Blush Brush: Its way too big as a blush brush so I used this as a liquid foundation brush instead. It works very well. Like the brush above, it’s better to pat in the foundation first and then buffing it afterwards for a flawless look.
  11. Mini Kabuki Brush: I don’t like this brush simply for its small size. It’s weird to hold and use but it’s ok as a finishing powder brush.

That’s the review. If you want any more information about the brushes below, comment below and I’ll answer. Hope you are all having a great holiday!

As a Added bonus, I am including a look I did simply with using only these brushes.



Review: GRAZE Box/Giveaway!!

I just completed what I believe to be the most stressful week of Summer so far. I had so much for my classes that I didn’t think I would finish on time. I luckily did and back on my posting game.

Today I’m doing a review of the GRAZE box I received about a week ago. For those of you who may not know, GRAZE is snack subscription. You choose at what interval you want the box to be delivered to your house or work(every week, two weeks, month, etc.). You can either choose the 8 snack box for $11.99 or the 4 snack box for $6.99.



REVIEW STARTS HERE: Each snack is rated out of five ★★★★★

  • HIckory Smoked BBQ peas, cashews, and corn nuts
    • This was extremely delicious. I like BBQ flavored things so I wasn’t surprised I liked this. If you don’t like BBQ flavored things, you won’t like this.  This is something I would eat if I am craving meat.
    • ★★★★
  • Caramel Apple
    • This snack had soft dried apples and caramel sauce. I don’t like dried apples because they are chewy and these were chewy. The caramel sauce was pretty good but you could taste that they tried to make it healthy. This would be a good snack if you craving something sweet
    • ★★★
  • Salted Fudge and Peanut Cookie-Contained salted peanuts, redskin peanuts, vanilla fudge & mini chocolate cookies
    • This was my least favorite not because of the peanuts like I expected, but because of the salt. The salt taste was too much. The peanuts were salted, the cookies was salted, and the peanut butter cubes were salted. WAY too much salt. If it wasn’t for the large amount of salt, it would have been ok. This is something you eat when you want something SALTY of course.
    • ★★
  • Summer Berry Flapjack- Rolled Flapjack with berry-infused cranberries
    • This was my absolute favorite. I love granola bars so it was expected. They were soft and didn’t have this overly sugared coating a lot of granola bars have. This something I would eat when I’m craving something sweet. It would also be a great pairing with yogurt or smoothie in the morning.
    • ★★★★★


Hope you enjoyed the review. I also have the wonderful opportunity to provide four of my readers with a special code. With this code, you can get your 1st and 5th box with Graze for FREE!!!!!!! courtesy of LIZBIZTODAY



If you use the code, comment below. See you all later!!!

Am I American Enough?- Part 1

Yesterday at a friend’s house, we started exploring the internet. While exploring, we ran across an article on a German blog ridiculing Americans. As Americans and having some nationality, we felt a bit attacked so we had to read the article. We were reading it and  we noticed that the entire article is based on the world’s stereotypes of who Americans are. 1st, I think stereotypes are often hurtful to groups and countries alike. Stereotypes tell us everything but nothing. Unfortunately, this post isn’t about discussing stereotypes but you should definitely check out this article, “How Stereotypes Explain Everything And Nothing At All,” by NPR. 

As someone who has lived in the United States, I am an American but how well do I fit into the world’s perception of Americans. I tried to find reputable sources that discusses American stereotypes. I couldn’t find any that were generalized so we are using not so good sources but they all say almost the same stereotypes. The sources are National Stereotype, TheCelebrityCafe, and Allsomenstalk


  1. All Americans are fat and lazy
    1. This stereotype is mostly based on another stereotype that we loved McDonald’s. 1st, here in the U.S., the lower your social class, the more likely you are to be overweight because you consume a lot more fast food because its cheap and require no oven, stove, microwave, and etc. With that, don’t ridicule those who may eat fast food with no other choice. With me, I consume fast food probably 4 times a month. Also, if I am going to eat fast food, I would never choose McDonald’s. Closest thing is Chick-fil-A. If you are visiting the U.S., make sure you go to Chickfil-A.
    2. When it comes to being lazy, there is no such thing. I hope to become a researcher for the Food and Drug Administration here in the U.S. so classes are intensive. Laziness would get me nowhere. Because, I used to use my free time on social media. Now, I have goals like keeping up this blog and summer classes that keep me focused on working hard.
  2. Americans are Materialistic
    1. I’m not going to lie but I like stuff and love to shop. Just because I love to shop does not mean I’m shopping at all the big name stores. Macy’s is my favorite store and clearance and coupons are forever my best friends. I am fortunate to have money to spend on myself so I do spend money on myself.
  3. Americans don’t care about the environment
    1. At school, I make sure to recycle all the time. At home, I use up so much more plastic and I don’t recycle. I don’t think it’s because I don’t care. Its more of I don’t know the process of recycling in the home. If I did, I would try to get my entire family to recycle more.
  4. Americans are violent and temperamental
    1. I don’t think I am violent. I don’t get mad often. I am one of those people that whenever I notice the energy of the people are around me is getting violent, I try to change the topic to a lighter tone. I am also someone who walks away or ignores confronation , which can often make me seem weak.
  5. Americans are obsessed with how we look
    1. I don’t really understand this. Is it wrong to look your best? I try to look my best, but I also make sure I am confident in how I look.  This stereotype is also based on the stereotype that Americans are obsessed with plastic surgery. I used to tell myself I wa going to get plastic surgery on my nose because I thought it was too big and didn’t look like the girls on the billboards. I then learned about Photoshop. Since the girls on the billboards don’t even look like them, I should be confident in myself and not try to change anything

Since this is a really long post. I’m going to split the post in half. The second half of the “Am I American Enough?” will be posted be June 21st.

Hope you liked the post and comment below!!!

Worst Shampoo Ever!!!!!

Most of the product reviews I do on here is very positive. The main reason for that is because I don’t like to waste money on a product I will most likely not like. Most times, I do extensive research before buying a product. I more expensive it is, the more research I do. Unfortunately, I don’t do it all the time and it came to bite me in the butt.

A few months ago, I purchased the SheaMoisture Tahitian Noni & Monoi Smooth & Repair Conditioning Shampoo.



Like many other women out there, SheaMoisture is an awesome go to brand for everything from black soap body wash to shea butter hair masque. Every product I have ever bought has been great until now. This product is the reason from now on, I will be more careful when buying from any company, even my go-to ones.


  •  Product
    • The product comes in a milky white color. I can’t say much about this because when washing your hair, color isn’t very important.
  •  Price
    • The shampoo cost around $10-12
  •  Bottle
    • The shampoo comes in the traditional SheaMoisture shampoo full size of 13 fl.oz. This isn’t very big considering its price. Usually, I don’t mind the cost-to-size ratio since the products are usually so good.
  • Use
    • Personally in my wash routine, I only wash my hair once with shampoo. I then follow it with my Trader Joe Tea Tree Tingle Conditoner, which I use as a shampoo because it produces suds(Look for a review on this soon) First, this shampoo barely lathered which was disappointing. After using this to wash my hair, my hair felt very dry and stripped even though I did a pre-poo the night before. Even after using my Trader Joe conditioner and a hair masque, my hair still felt a little bit dry which usually doesn’t happen. The main reason I bought it is because it said it will lower frizz on the bottle. How wrong were they? Because it dried out my hair, I actually had more frizz causing my hair to also tangle more. Not only did it not do what it said it was going to do, it actually made my hair worse. I tried this shampoo three times and every time, I got the same horrible results.


Hope you all enjoyed the post. Like always, comment below with any comments or questions!!!!

Awesome Crepe Recipe

One of my favorite breakfast /deserts has to be crepes. Evey Friday for breakfast at school, they always have cream cheese stuffed crepes topped with blueberries and strawberries. Since I am not at school for the summer, I was really craving crepes. I feel like the universe knew how much I was craving crepes because this week a Publix ad with an awesome crepe recipe showed up in my mailbox. It was such as a good recipe that I know I needed to share it with you all.



  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1 tablespoon granulated sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon Kosher salt(I used sea salt and it was fine)
  • 3 large eggs
  • 7 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted (I used regular healthy butter and it was fine)
  • 1 cup milk (I used 2% milk in the gallon bottle and it was fine)
  • Cooking oil or spray to coat pan


  • In medium bowl, combine flour, sugar, and salt
  • Whisk in eggs until smooth
  • Whisk in melted butter until smooth
  • Whisk in milk until smooth
  • Coat medium nonstick skillet with oil or spray
  • Preheat  skillet on medium high heat
  • Once heated, add 1/3rd cup of the batter to the pan and swirl to cover the bottom of the pan
  • Cook for around a minute and a half or until the edges are brown
  • Flip and cook the other side for about 30-60 seconds
  • Do this until all the batter is gone
  • IMG_20150612_130504404
  • Here is my crepe that I created from the recipe. Doesn’t it look good?

After you make your crepe, you can eat it alone like pancakes or stuff and top it with different ingredients


I personally didn’t go that much all out. I simply stuffed it with some Chobani Bluberry greek Yogurt. Although simple, it was delicious.


There are so many other options, some simple and some not. Some options are below but there are so many.

  • Nutella or if you want to be healthier, add bananas
    • nutella and banana crepe
  • Stuffed with whipped cream cheese and topped with strawberries or blueberries
    • strawberry crepe
  • Make it breakfast with some eggs and bacon in the middle
    • crepe with egg
  • There are so many crepe filling and toppings options. You can definitely check out a bunch on Pinterest here.

I hope you all try the recipe and enjoy it. If you do try it, it would be awesome if you took a picture of your final product. If you have any questions, comment below.

Short Girl Problems

I woke up this morning with a video titled, “Short Girl Problems,” by Buzzfeed in My Subscriptions tab on YouTube. At a record 5’2 and 3/4th, I along with everybody else knows I count as short. I am truly only four inches away from being counted as a drawf (Oh My!!). Since I’ve been this height for about six years now (Yep, I never grow), I know all the advantages and disadvantages of thees of it. As you can tell by the title of the post, I’m going to be talking about the disadvantages. A few of my disadvantages are also a part of the Buzzfeed video below.


  1. All of your friends use you as an arm rest
    1. am rest
  2. You can’t reach the top shelf
    1. The top shelf is a place unknown unless you climb onto the counter or have a step stool
  3. Gaining 1 pound looks like 5 on you
    1. I’m very confident in my body so if I gain weight, I don’t see it as the end of the world. Unfortunately because I am short, weight gains are much more noticeable.
    2. australian-women-all-weighing-the-average-70kg
    3. As you can see from above of six different women, they all weigh the Australian average weight of 154 lb. or  70kg. The shorter you are, the more you are seen as overweight even if you are at the weight you’re suppose to be
  4. If you are in the back of a crowd, you might as well  leave because you aren’t going to be able to see.
    1. At school, fraternities and sororities often do step shows. I always have to make I get there early because if not, even on my tip toes, I won’t be able to see.
    2. short girl crowd
  5. Pants are always too long
    1. So I’m a size 6 in jeans but I can never buy pants without trying them on. Why, you ask?  I have to make sure they don’t crinkle too much at the bottom or drag on the floor.

For the short people out there, you can definitely relate to me on some or all of these. For the tall people out there, you are probably like “Tall people have problems too.” And you are totally right but I can’t relate. You can check out the other BuzzFeed video, “Tall Girl Problems,”

I hope you enjoyed the post and have a great day! See you all later!!!

Review: Acure Organics Brightening Facial Scrub

Another day, another beauty product review. I hope everyone is having a great day.

In the hot summers here in Georgia, I feel like I need to take extra care of my skin. Summer is when my face gets extra oily and pimples simply don’t leave. Also, i feel like my face cells grow extra fast in the summer (That’s sound really weird huh?). For that reason, I use a facial scrub once to twice a week along with a face mask once a week. I used to use a facial scrub, which I won’t state, that was really good but I found out that the scrub contain these little plastic beads. These beads are especially bad for the environment because they are often the size of fish eggs.  Because of that, fish accidentally eat these beads and can choke and die from them.

In order to be a little bit more environmentally friendly, I searched for an organic facial scrub. I came across the Acure Organic Brightening Facial Scrub.


Before buying the facial scrub, I used the Acure Argan Cell Stimulating Body wash, which I absolutely love. Like the face wash I bought, it is organic and a scrub as well.



  • Bottle
    • The full size product is 4 oz. tube. It has a twistable cap for easy use. It also has a small opening so you are able to take the perfect amount.
  • Product
    • The product comes out as a dark green color with a gritty texture
  • Use
    • After using this product for over two months now, I absolutely love it. The more fine than coarse texture is amazing and not too harsh for my sensitive skin. As you rub it on your face, the Organic Chlorella Growth Factor and Argan Stem Cells work to clean my face while the French Green Clay and Organic Lemon peel removed all the dirt and oil from my pores. After I rinse off the scrub, I noticed a dramatic shrinkage in my pores, which showed how well it worked. After washing, my face felt soft and fresh. At consistent use, I noticed no dryness or irritation which is very common for many face scrubs. Lastly, the “scrub” part of the face scrub dissolves in water nad isn’t damaging to the environment.


I hope you guys enjoy the review and like always, if you have a question or comment, comment below!!!!

May 2015 Favorites

It’s already the sixth day of June and the halfway point of summer vacation is practically here. Last month was a pretty good month. I finished my first year of college with a 3.77 GPA!!!! With such a good month comes with some favorites.

  1. V8 Organic Carrot Orange Juice
    1. V8 carrot orange juice
    2. At my local Sam’s Club, a big warehouse store in the U.S., they were selling a pack of 12 of these for $3.91. With a price like that, I bought a pack to try and I actually really liked it. It tastes a lot like orange juice without the bitterness. the drink is organic with 75% of it being carrots and oranges. The other 25% is supposedly water. My only problem with this it the 16g of sugar in the bottle, which stems from organic stevia extract. Since its organic, I think it comes from the organic plant and not the chemically altered one. If it is from the organic plant, this drink is simply perfect!
  2. Naobay Oxygenating CreamMoisturizing
    1. IMG_20150604_123258522
    2. This product is from the May 2015 Birch Box so I’ll just copy the review from the post here.
    3. I really loved this product. On the packaging, it said it can be used as a moisturizer and a make-up primer. After using it as both, I agree. As a moisturizer, my face felt smooth and not sticky even out in the hot Georgia sun. As a primer, it smoothed out my face and I can say it worked almost as well as my Julep Mattifying face primer. If this product have sunscreen, it would make it practically amazing since its always sunny here in Georgia

      Final Verdict: I really like this product but I will not be purchasing anytime soon. The full size, 1.7 fl. .oz, cost$36 on the Birch Box website and that’s too much for my budget. I hope to find a moisturizer as good as this that doesn’t cost as much.

  3. Two ingredient Cream Biscuits
    1. cream-biscuits-DSC_3427-444x600
    2. Here in the south, we love biscuits but it can sometimes be hard to make soft, flaky biscuits every time. Fortunately, I found this recipe by add a pinch that is simply heavenly. With only two ingredients, White Lily self-rising flour and heavy whipping cream, you make great biscuits every time. You can check out the recipe here.
  4. Avengers: Age ofUltron
    1. avengers age of ultron
    2. At the beginning of the month of May, I was able to go see Avengers in theaters. First, I would like for everyone to know that I am a superhero and marvel junkie. I watch everything marvel from the movies to the Netflix series. (If you haven’t watched Daredevil on Netflix, you need to!!) I went to go see Avengers with limited excitement because critics were saying it simply wasn’t as good as the first Avengers. I would simply like to say they were absolutely wrong. I loved Avengers: Age of Ultron and even more than the first. Although it started a little slow, my eyes was glued to the screen the entire time. I didn’t even regret not getting popcorn because it kept me so invested. If a movie can keep me invested for 2 hours and 30 minutes, it is definitely a favorite of mine. 
  5. Heroes: TV Show
    1. heroes-msn-return-cast-photo
    2. Since its summer vacation, I, like many others Netflix Binge-watch. I first watched this show when I visited the Motherland, Nigeria, five years ago. I loved it but the show wasn’t completed at the time and I completely forgot about it. With time on her hand, I started re-watching it from start to finish and I fell in love with it all over again. This was the stepping block for many of my favorite actors and actresses like Zachary Quinto and Hayden Panettiere. It features such likable characters and pretty good acting. It kept me hooked from the 1st to 3rd season. the 4th season not so much. I hated the 4th season but the show will always be a favorite of mine.

With May over with, we are almost half-way done with the year. Time goes so fast. Don’t waste time not living life and accomplishing your goals.

See you all later!!!

Review: Birch Box May 2015

At the beginning of the month, I received the May 2015 Birch Box titled “Cupcakes and Cashmere” with five different products.  I was going to make a post displaying the products but I wanted to actually try the products and do a review on them.


A month later after trying every product, I am back with a review of suprisely ok products

1. ModelCo Party Proof Matte Lipstick in Get Naked (supposedly nude)IMG_20150604_123032504 IMG_20150604_123052971

When you first open the lipstick, you are hit with a sweet cupcakey smell, like how m.a.c. lipsticks usually smell. Some may not like the smell, but I do. After application, all my love went down the drain. Since I am dark in complexion, the lipstick simply makes me look dry and ashy. It was smooth and moisturizing. The lipstick is supposed to be “party-proof,” meaning it stays on. Since I wasn’t going to a party with ashy lips, I simply ate a meal with the lipstick on. Verdict: some strayed but a majority of the lipstick stayed on.

Final Verdict: Although I will never wear the lipstick again, it probably would be amazing on someone with a fair skin tone.


2. Coastal Scents Revealed 3 Sample PaletteIMG_20150604_123315488

The Sample Revealed Palette in Desert Bloom comes with four colors: a dark matte brown, a shimmery gold, a matte fuchsia pink, and shimmery sheer pink. After trying out every color by doing my eye make-up just with the palette(I did it but the lighting simply didn’t show the colors at all), I don’t especially like the palette. The colors aren’t that vibrant and I found myself having to apply a lot of layers to see the colors. I didn’t even really see the dark brown at all. This is on my dark skin tone, it will most likely be different for someone with a fair skin tone.

Final Verdict: I don’t see myself buying this palette anytime soon because I quite frankly like Rimmel London’s eyeshadow better and its cheaper than this palette (Usually $40 but $20 on the Birch Box website)

3. Toni and Guy Prep Heat Protection Mist


I used this product like any other heat protecting spray. It did what it had to do and protected my hair when I straightened it. My hair did seem a little it softer than usually, even though I used all the same products but the heat Protectant.

Final Verdict: I will most likely be buying again even though the full 5 oz. is $15, more than I usually spend on heat protecting spray.

4. Naobay Oxygenating Cream Mouisturizing


I really loved this product. On the packaging, it said it can be used as a moisturizer and a make-up primer. After using it as both, I agree. As a moisturizer, my face felt soon and not sticky eve out in the hot Georgia sun. As a primer, it smoothed out my face and I can say it worked almost as well as my Julep Mattifying face primer. If this product have sunscreen, it would make it practically amazing since its always sunny here in Georgia

Final Verdict: i really like this product but I will not be purchasing anytime soon. The full size, 1.7 fl. .oz, cost$36 on the Birch Box website and that’s too much for my budget. I hope to find a moisturizer as good as this that doesn’t cost as much.

5. Harvey Prince Hello Conditioner


Since the box only came with a sample of the conditioner, I used this as a co-wash, meaning I washed my hair only with the conditioner. The conditioner first of all smelt great. It left my hair feeling soft and manageable, which is sometimes hard to achieve with 4B hair.

Final Verdict: I won’t be buying this product again because its simply not made for my coarse 4B hair. It’s a great product so I definitely recommend trying it.


If you would like your own birch box filled with five deluxe sample every month for $10, go here!

Review: Black Rainbow by J.J. McAvoy

Been a few days since my last post. I just started my summer classes and needed a few days to readjust myself to the learning life you can say. Now that I have, I’m back to posting starting with the second book review I promised..

First, before I begin, I just want to say that the book I am reviewing is kind of explicit since it counts as an erotica book. This book was recommended to me by a friend and I was reluctant to read it. With all the Fifty Shades of Grey hype, I decided to read the book myself and it was one of the most terrible books I have ever read. Took all of me to read the terrible writing and sex scenes.

Thankfully, Black Rainbow and the author didn’t sacrifice good writing for sex scenes. Also, this book is taboo with the Teacher-Student relationship type between a Law Professor and Law Student.

black rainbow


First, lets start with the GoodReads summary

A sweet and steamy New Adult Romance from Amazon bestselling author of the Ruthless People series, J.J. McAvoy…

After an erotic one-week fling with a musician she meets in a bar, Thea Cunning never expects to see Levi Black again. Then Monday morning comes around, and she discovers that her former lover is not only her professor, but he’s also one of the top criminal lawyers in the state of Massachusetts.

With everyone in class vying to be one of the twelve disciples—a group of twelve students that Professor Black takes under his wing—tensions run high. Thea considers dropping his class, given their passionate week together and their undeniable chemistry. After all, there are other (less infuriatingly sexy) law professors on campus.

But to accomplish her goal and get her father out of prison, Thea knows she needs to learn under the best of the best—and that’s Levi Black.

But can she learn under the best, without being under the best?


  • Levi Black – He’s Caucasian, 37, Havard Law Professor, and owner of a top law firm.the authour presents Levi as first a hard, cocky, and demanding Harvard law professor who may seem harsh at first, but truly wants to get his students to be confident and able to prove themselves like a good lawyer. We also meet the sweet and sexy Levi who
  • Thea Cunning- She’s African-American, Havard Law Student, and daughter of one of the most ruthless lawyers to walk the earth.We meet Thea with truly not enough description in the beginning and throughout the book, we learn how driven, intelligent, and amazing she is although still flawed like a regular human being. We learned of her past and why she even wants to be a lawyer in the first place. Seriously, where can I find a Thea in my life? This is someone I would like to be friends with.


  • The book starts in the past present where Thea finds out that the guy she spent having sex with for a week is her Havard Law professor. The book then alternates between the past and their one week of sex and the present as they struggle through the teacher-student relationship as the romantic tension between them increases.  Even though Levi was already in love with Thea with her looks and a sex, he falls in love with the smart, confident, and driven Thea he meets in his classroom.  As soon as you think that this is another romantic love story, you’re wrong. We start to learn more of the main characters and the supporting characters they surround themselves with. First of all, I would like to congratulate J.J. AcAvoy for the 5-dimensional characters she created. There was so much character development in this book that I actually wanted another book about another couple/mini plot in the book. Usually, I don’t like series but I was itching for another book after reading such a good book like this. With the help of the supporting characters like both Liam and Thea’s parents, J.J Acvoy bring in some mystery and suspense that you will have to read to find out.


  • I truly liked this book, especially the writing which is why I am on the second book of the Ruthless People Series also by J.J. McAvoy.Ruthless-People-1024x376
  • If you want a stand-alone with romance mixed with a little mystery and suspense, and great writing, you definitely need to check out Black Rainbow by J.J. McAvoy and her Ruthless People, which I currently like even more than Black Rainbow.

Thanks for reading! In the next two days, you should expect a May Favorites post. Also, if you have any tips of how I could develop my book reviews, comment below!!!!

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